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I believe he was the best clown we this year met in a Danish circus. Marion Sandner and Nicolas Comiti. It is Maggie's first cub and she is an exemplary mother. The troupe won a bronze clown in Monte Carlo in 2002. It is the fourth time Lasse Bonbon Noerager and Mrs Tiina are with Kerst Circus Ahoy. Circus Brazil Jack 2013 - one of Scandinavia's best circus performances. The performance in Køge is not quite the end of the 2013 season for Circus Arena. Feld Entertainment also has initiated a new program focusing on the conservation of endangered species of felines such as tigers. Nino Huesca's death has caused many comments from all over the circus world.

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Niklas Bengtsson has also created a new act with camels, llamas and Jersey bulls (or was it oxen). Circus Minimax is booked for the annual festival Go With The Flø held from the 29th to 30 June. Anton and Katarina Tabev. As in many other such trapeze troupes there has since then been some changes in the troupe. After that Gulio has a funny run-in where he gets a member from the audience to help him juggle large beach balls.

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The Swedish Circus Wictoria begins their 2013 season on 22 March in Heby, Sweden. Tottis accident happened just two days after the premiere in Karis. In 2013 Circus Scott will as in "good old days" begin their season in Malmö. I Denmark we saw them in Circus Arena in 2001 and in Circus Dannebrog 2010. For some seasons, Jan Ketil has hired out some old caravans (canteen and caravans for crew) to others including the contemporary circus group Circus Xanti. This year, the owner Irene Thierry and her husband Jan. Note that you over the artist entrance can see the name Circus Schollini, being the name used last year during the tour in Germany. I have never seen others do Husiks final trick where a hula-hoop ring rotates on his nose. She ended her act by doing the splits in trapeze while she balanced a rose on her forehead. The trio appeared in the discipline of Chinese pole, where acrobats performed dangerous leap in and around a 7 meter high pole, without a safety line.

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A tent which according Circus Scott is Europe's largest circus tent. After the performance there will be free workshops, where the public can try to be real artist for a day. 50 minutes long performances in Frösö Zoo in Ostersund, Sweden, from 15 June to 11 August in a tent with room for approx. The Danish fairy tales author Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1975) and circuses do not have much to do with each other. The performers call themselves LA lanterne magique, under the knowledgeable guidance of Director frank desmaroux, they feature hand-stance-acrobatics, dancing, and aerial acts: textile, vertical rope, straps, and juggling Indian clubs. Gabi Donnert Gabi Donnert was followed by another top act: Kim Kenneth, who assisted by his girlfriend Jessica and Shirley Larible presented great illusion numbers. Photo from performance in Candy Cabaret Club 19 September 2013 Christmas Circus in the southern part of Sweden. We've seen them before, but now they have created brand new and very funny entrées. The first act on the program is the young Sandor Donnert who juggles standing on horseback: juggling balls, clubs and rings. Those elephants do not know anything else than a life in a circus. Church service in a circus tent. We look forward to be "on the road"! My mentioning of Circus Zorba has got someone to ask what has become of Jan Ketils Circus Agora, which went bankrupt in 2010. Their sister Jessica Caveagna can in the coming season be seen in Swedish Circus Brazil Jack together with her partner and boyfriend, the magician Kim Kenneth. Sharon Berousek with a juggling act, and there was a teeterboard act done by the Puyang Troupe, where the catcher used a trinka. First night for tørrhet i skjeden naking jenter programme 1 was Thursday the 17th, and the following 3 performances are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He won the first prize in 2012 at "The International European Youth Circus Festival" for the age group from 10 to 17 years. Photo: Lise Kokholm Oh, what a clown! We look forward to working with CPA to increase the participation of American classical circuses in the next World Circus Day on Founded in 1981, the CAA is a nationwide professional organization with 30 group members and more than 2600 individual members across China. At the Circus Museum in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, you can from Monday 14 to Friday 18 October at meet the international comic acrobat duo Coexistence (Zora Nikodemova and Michel Lindner) in a fast-paced show. Many other artists have copied some of his entrées. Magic effects are combined with spots of ventriloquist's interludes - several dummies have their word to say.and sometimes these dummies also perform some magic - very original! A very unprofessional and amateurish behavior! . The price for a single room with bath and toilet is 53 Euro per night. Elles Duo (Yogane Solveig). It is this number the audience can see at the Budapest festival. Darix Fumagalli, who also was with Scott in 2012, will present completely new entrées. From waking up in a huge pile of clothes, to desperate acrobatics on a wall. This couple of artists perform together in an excellent way and they excel in being great actors, this show, being advertised for the young audience - might as well be announced as geared to the adults, it is created in a way to make everyone. Last year's debut, Arilds grandson Arne Otto Luigi Folco Arnardo (13 years old) presents a charming number with his little pony. In the program 'The Good Old Days' from 2013 Circus Dannebrog presented a classic show with modern elements. Flying Superkids have for the upcoming season bought a brand new tent. Circus Mascot 2013.The Deleuran familys dog and pony show will this year present the following artists: Rola bola: Antal Veres. 17 November 2013 New theatre performance starring Suzanne Berdino at Stockholms Orion Theatre. A backward somersault from a horse to the horse behind is one of the tricks that brought Donnert family a Bronze Clown in Monte Carlo. Josephine Again with her dogs Photo: Rud Kofoed / Ajour Press Then Kapitanski enters the stage with a handcart with a package. Click here for link to his pictures. However their marketing material tells you nothing about the artists. After each leap he usually grabs one of the braces in the wheel.

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